Tile Adds a Way to Scan for Unwanted Trackers thetileapp.com


If you are concerned about unwanted tracking, Scan and Secure is a simple tool you can use to determine if there are unknown Tiles or Tile-enabled devices traveling with you. You don’t need to have a Tile account or be part of the Tile Network in order to use this feature. It’s accessible to everyone, whether you’re an iPhone or Android user. Simply download the Tile app (or if you have it already make sure you have the latest version) and you’ll be prompted within the app if you need to change and enable any permission settings for this feature to work.

It is good to see the attention given to Apple’s AirTags is encouraging better safety for other trackers.

But, first, why is this only now being introduced? The potential for these devices to be abused is not news; concerns about how they might assist stalkers are at least nine years old.

Second, this unwanted tracker finder still requires the Tile app, so this is not a particularly automatic means of detection. I still think these devices need a dedicated spec so all manufacturers can notify a system about unwanted tracking.