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Written by Nick Heer.

Ticketmaster Changes Its Refund Policy to Exclude Postponed or Rescheduled Events

Dylan Smith, Digital Music News:

It’s hardly a secret that the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has brought the live-event industry to a screeching halt. Responding both to government mandates and health concerns, promoters have canceled (or delayed) sporting events, concerts, and essentially all other audience-based entertainment functions.

And predictably, a substantial number of would-be attendees are looking to receive refunds for the tickets they bought prior to the pandemic. In responding to this unprecedented cluster of repayment requests, Ticketmaster has quietly changed its refund policy to cover only canceled events — not the many functions that promoters have indefinitely “postponed” or rescheduled to a date/time that some ticketholders cannot make.

Ticketmaster is doing this in the middle of both a pandemic and an economic crisis. There are undoubtedly people who can no longer afford to attend a to-be-rescheduled show, particularly if it involves travel. Their best option will be to resell their tickets through Ticketmaster’s own scummy platform.