Federico Viticci’s iPad Pro Review macstories.net

When Apple announced the iPad Pro, I immediately hoped that they would provide a review unit to Federico Viticci. The man uses an iPad full-time unlike anyone else I’m aware of, so his impressions are critical, as far as I’m concerned:

There’s a lot to discuss about the iPad Pro, and I’ll have to continue unwrapping the nature of this device for weeks to come. But I want to make one thing clear from the outset:

This is less of a “just for media consumption” device than any iPad before it. The iPad Pro is, primarily, about getting work done on iOS. And with such a focus on productivity, the iPad Pro has made rethink what I expect from an iPad.

It sure sounds like he took the device through its paces. There are shortcomings, but the Pro sounds like a promising — if focused — evolution of the iPad lineup.