Written by Nick Heer.

Three New Features I Care About in the New iPhone

Dan Frommer cares about the same three features I do, and one of those three is not the screen:

I’d actually be happy if the new iPhone screen stayed exactly the same size. I never find myself wishing for a bigger iPhone. But if it’s only a little bigger, and it means longer battery life — or at least not shorter battery life — I’d take it. (The “longer-but-same-width” display that’s been discussed might actually be interesting for scrolly apps like Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

The reality is that the screen won’t be getting much bigger, it’s just going to get a little bit longer. That’s alright with me because I saw another guy taking a call on his Galaxy Nexus the other day. Bigger screens are wonderful, but bigger phones are horrible. One of those things has to give.