Thoughts on the Apple TV After Six Months

Many of Ole Begemann thoughts mirror my own, but I wanted to elaborate on one in particular:

I continue to not be a fan of voice interaction on any device. Siri is too slow and unreliable. The ability to dictate in text fields (added in tvOS 9.2) is welcome, but only semi-useful if you want to use it with multiple languages. Siri only understands one language at a time, and there is no convenient way to change the dictation language when you’re in a text field. I estimate my search queries are split about 50–50 between German and English, so it sucks either way.

I wasn’t aware of Siri’s language limitations, but so far, the Apple TV has been the best voice control and dictation experience for me. It seems more consistent and reliable than iOS or watchOS, and many of the baffling early-day omissions — lack of App Store or Music search, for instance — have been remedied.

Begemann’s annoyances with the slow system animations — particularly when resuming play from the screen saver, for which I have an open radar, #25008323 — and remote design are spot on, however.