Gruber’s Thoughts and Observations on Today’s iPhone 5C and 5S Introduction

Mr. Fireball:

Yes, it’s plastic, but there’s nothing cheap about it. It has a far better fit and finish, and feels way better in your hand, than Apple’s previous foray into plastic iPhones, the 3G and 3GS. The 5C feels like a premium product.

In 2008, the iPhone 3G was — by far — the best smartphone on the market, but I refused to buy one. The plastic simply felt cheap. There are good-feeling plastics, and there are nasty-feeling plastics. This assuages my worries about the 5C.

On the 5S:

Now that they’ve gone 64-bit, I’ve got to start wondering about ARM-based MacBooks in the near future.

I was avoiding that speculation, but it’s the fourth reason Apple might want to go to 64-bit with the A-series processors. The more Apple designs in-house, the better they can ensure everything works together seamlessly.