Written by Nick Heer.

This is Tim

Serenity Caldwell bringing the mad transcription game for iMore. Tim Cook on Apple’s environmental efforts:

Last quarter, we also announced a major economic investment in Europe, where we will spend two billion dollars to build data centers in Ireland and Denmark. These will be our largest data centers in the world. […]

The two data centers we’re building will run on 100 percent renewable energy from day one. This is just part of the work we’re doing to protect the environment and leave the world better than we found it. Today, 100 percent of Apple’s U.S. operations and 87 percent of global operations are powered by renewable energy.

This really isn’t about the bloody ROI. This is going to cost Apple a shit-tonne of money, but it’s a good move for lots of reasons. And, in their case, $2 billion isn’t a lot, especially when both data centres will be paid for by money that is owned by Apple Distribution International, not Apple Inc.

On lacklustre iPad sales numbers:

So my belief is, as the inventory plays out, as we make some continued investments in our product pipeline — which we’re doing, that we already had planned and have had planned for a long time — between that, the inventory playing out, the enterprise starting to take over, I believe the iPad is an extremely good business over the long term. When precisely it starts to grow again I wouldn’t want to predict, but I strongly believe that it will.

My hunch is that the iPads coming up this year are going to be something really special. Radically different, conceptually, especially in software.

On Apple Pay:

Best Buy, which has been a longtime strong partner of ours, has just announced that it’s now offering Apple Pay in-app, and later this year will offer Apple Pay in all of their U.S. stores.

Remember the halcyon days of Best Buy’s exclusive loyalty to CurrentC, all of six months ago?