The Verge Is DDoSing My Brain

Russell Brandom of The Verge has dutifully covered the internet crisis that never was. If you found the story via Facebook, you would have seen this headline:

There was a massive internet outage this weekend — here’s what happened.

In this context, “outage” apparently means something other than what’s in the dictionary. At least, that’s what the article explains:

The good news is that the web is built on redundancy, so the extra terabit-per-second of bandwidth could be spread across the network without any catastrophic failures, but the wake-up call for telecoms is real.

Translation: no outage.

will-h in the comments is apparently Will Hargrave of LONAP:

The graph you show is a classic ‘monitoring outage’ – i.e. the attack affected the monitoring infrastructure of the IX, not the IX itself.

I advise several LINX members on network operations and none saw a decrease in traffic. There are operators out there with over 200G of capacity onto LINX (yes, that is 20×10GE ports or 2×100G or similar) each who saw no traffic decrease.

This incident has generated a surprising number of headlines due to significant misunderstandings of what many of the cited metrics actually mean. I still think Gizmodo’s reporting is the most accurate and best-researched.