Written by Nick Heer.

The Talk Show

David Smith reviews the Talk Show:

It is a running joke that the show is buried with 1-star reviews in iTunes. The most common adjective used in these reviews is unfocused. I think calling The Talk Show unfocused is a bit like calling Jackson Pollock messy. It totally misses what the show is and more importantly what it isn’t. Assuming that because it is hosted by a prominent tech journalist that it should be a formulaic run-down of the week’s news just doesn’t make sense.

I don’t understand why many people assumed that the Talk Show would (or should) be a news program. It’s right in the title: talking.

Speaking of which, there’s a new episode out today:

Merlin Mann joins me for a quick two-hour holiday-week chat on America’s favorite two-star podcast.

And speaking of Merlin Mann, I was listening to an old episode of You Look Nice Today yesterday, entitled “Known for His Reach“. You should listen to it, or listen to it again.