Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

The Problem Isn’t Technology; It’s You

Mat Honan for Wired (via Shawn Blanc):

Getting away from technology by leaving it behind becomes a pointless exercise in competitive reductionism. Where do you draw the line? Your smartphone? Your GPS? Your compass? Your tent? Fire?

Here’s a better idea: Shut up and bring your iPhone into the backcountry, but resist the urge to open the email app. If you can’t manage that, delete or turn off the account. Don’t worry, it’ll come back.

My stats tell me that a lot of people read this site on their smartphone during their commute. Try this: at the end of this paragraph, sleep your phone. Put it in your pocket, and don’t touch it until you get home and plug it in. During your commute, look out the window, and really notice the endless scroll of passing scenery. Take a glimpse at your fellow passengers. The world is fascinating, and on this Tuesday afternoon, you probably don’t need the internet at your fingertips right this second.