Written by Nick Heer.

The Only Thing Boring About the iPhone 5 Is the Criticism

So Dan Lyons is all:

In terms of products, Apple has become the one thing it should never be. Apple has become boring.

And Lewis Page is all:

Thinking of buying a new iPhone 5 after it gets announced later today? Don’t. Owning it will mark you out as an easily-led simpleton – and worse, the purchase will undermine western democracy.

The usual goon squad of dumbassery. Thankfully, Abdel Ibrahim exists to talk some sense into them:

Apple’s latest product announcement has left many journalists predictably unimpressed. The iPhone 5 is boring, they say. Or it’s not revolutionary enough. Some have even accused Apple of playing it safe and avoiding risks.

But why must a device take us by surprise and beat us over the head with its novelty? Sure, the first iPhone did those things, but since when is that the recipe for longevity?

Never. How many smartphones are going to be remembered in 20 years? I can guarantee that, of the hundreds (probably thousands) of Android devices made, very few will be. You can count the iPhone as a product that will be an icon of this decade, though.