The Nokia X

Nokia has introduced an Android phone, and Tom Warren of the Verge reports:

The X introduces a new “forked” version of Android that’s akin to what Amazon does with its Kindle Fire line. Nokia is effectively taking the open-source elements of Android and then bolting on its own services, a Windows Phone-like UI, and yet another Android app store. The downside to this is that the Nokia X devices won’t have access to Google’s Play store or Google-specific apps like Gmail, Chrome, Maps, and others. However, Android apps will run on the devices with only limited changes required by developers.

I’m sure there are a handful of developers who will modify their apps so that they run on the Nokia X, but redeveloping an app to target a specific model that might not sell that well is probably not that high on most developers’ to-do lists. Couple that to buyers who won’t be able to use Google’s apps and I don’t think this has a chance, even in the emerging markets where this is being targeted. It’s like Nokia decided to make a phone with the app selection of Windows Phone and the lag of Android — the worst of both worlds.

Microsoft’s acquisition of the company is still expected to be complete in the first quarter of this year, so presumably by the end of March. If this lives past June, I’ll be shocked.