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Written by Nick Heer.

The New iMacs’ Hybrid Drive Chipset

I think I called this at some point. According to Apple’s online store:

If you configure your iMac with both the solid-state drive and a Serial ATA hard drive, it will come preformatted with Mac OS X and all your applications on the solid-state drive. Then you can use the hard drive for videos, photos, and other files.

If Twitter’s search worked better, I’d be able to find that tweet from when the 2010 MacBook Air launched, and people were predicting how the SSD technology would find its way into other Macs. At some point, I suggested that the SSD would be used primarily for system stuff, and storage would be on a traditional hard drive until flash memory prices dropped significantly. This is what Apple is doing, with a chipset from Intel that allows for a “hybrid” hard drive setup, split between two physical drives. Very clever.

Also, do yourself a favour and check out the new iMac website, which features some awesome parallax animation in the slideshow.