Under Old Management the-magazine.org

Glenn Fleishman:

The Magazine’s founder Marco Arment has had a complicated few weeks. On April 25, he sold a majority interest in Instapaper to Betaworks and gave them all the operational responsibility. This came five years after he launched Instapaper as a service to the general public. On May 19, Yahoo voted to spend $1.1 billion to acquire Tumblr, a blogging platform and social network that Marco had helped to create as David Karp’s first (and, for years, sole) employee. […]

And in mid-May, Aperiodical LLC, a sprawling colossus of a single-member limited liability company in Washington State, secretly voted 1-0 to acquire The Magazine from Marco, effective on June 1. There were no abstentions.

Marco Arment:

On June 1, Glenn Fleishman will take ownership of The Magazine. I’ll be stepping back to an advisory role.

At this rate, Marco will soon be auctioning off his internal organs.