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Written by Nick Heer.

The iPad Mini Will Be A Hit

Jennifer LeClaire for Sci-Tech Today:

We turned to Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, to get his take on the rumored iPad Mini.

Why bother?

“The 7-inch tablets are all about content — books and movies,” Enderle said. “Unlike the 10-inch class of tablets, where people expect to do productivity tasks on the device, the 7-inch is just for consumption. The killer apps are pretty much already on the Kindle and the Nexus 7, which is going to make it much tougher for Apple to break in.”

Yeah, it’s not like the iTunes Store sells, uh, content.

He told us something that you normally couldn’t say about Apple: The company is a little late to market with its product.

“The Kindle Fire was the tablet that really got people looking at the sevens to begin with, followed by the Nexus 7,” Enderle said. “Any way you look at it, Apple is either months or almost a year late to the market with this.”

Enderle says it’s going to fail.

Should be a hit.