Written by Nick Heer.

The Inside Story of the Moto X

Skip the press releases (and the hurriedly re-typed press releases) and read this, from Wired’s Steven Levy. It’s clear that this is a huge bet from Motorola.

The AMOLED display is disappointing; while it allows for some clever barely-on software features, displays of this type are noticeably oversaturated. The phone will ship with Android 4.2.2, not the current 4.3 version. This is odd, especially when you consider that Google owns the company. Some things clearly aren’t meshing yet.

Customers can choose from hundreds of colour combinations to differentiate their phone from the generic glass slabs that are ever-so-popular with business types. Like the Nokia Lumia and the upcoming plastic-backed iPhone variant, the Moto X has consumer-level aspirations. It recognizes that smartphones are purchased by all kinds of people. That’s a great marketing angle.