Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

The iMac G5

Jordan Merrick, guest-writing for Stephen Hackett’s 512 Pixels:

The iMac G5 was far more mature in comparison to its predecessors. This machine was simply a neutral white rectangle, less than 2” thick, held aloft by a single piece of aluminum. Gone were the cutesy colors and childish nature of the infant iMac G3 as well as the nose and lip piercings of the teenage iMac G4 that made sure it stood out of a crowd. The iMac G5 had finally grown up, moved out and got a job.

Despite the professional look of the late 2009 iMacs and crazy thinness of today’s, the G5 is still my favourite generation of its industrial design. It’s warm, but not fuzzy; svelte, but not sharp. It’s very humanistic.