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Written by Nick Heer.

The Greatest Sweatshirt Known to Man

Farhad Manjoo of Slate:

American Giant has found a loophole in the process. The loophole allows Winthrop to spend a lot more time and money producing his clothes than his competitors do. Among other things, he was able to hire a former industrial designer from Apple to rethink every aspect of the sweatshirt, from the way the fabric is woven to the color of the drawstrings around your neck. The particular loophole that Winthrop has found also explains why he wanted to chat with a technology reporter: It’s called the Internet.

American Giant’s clothing looks like a resurgence of manufacturing quality at affordable prices. I don’t usually wear hoodies in public any more (I dress like a grownup these days), but their mock neck sweatshirt looks right up my street.

Unfortunately, this is yet another great thing not available in Canada (at least, not officially). I’ve emailed their customer service department and I’ll update this as soon as I know more.

Update: American Giant tells me that they’re working to offer international billing and shipping options.