The Art of an Apple Event

Jason Snell, writing for iMore:

Product announcements are basically press releases: They’re publicity. They’re arguably news, but they’re boring news — and a cynical writer could view them as free PR for the company putting out the press release. Rewriting a press release is one of the lower forms of journalism.

Covering an Apple event didn’t feel like that, and it still doesn’t. It feels like an event, and when you’re reporting on it, you’re not rewriting a press release — you’re covering something as it happens live, just as if you were in the White House briefing room during a presidential press conference. In the end, these Apple events are just product announcements — the brilliance is that the stagecraft makes them much more interesting to journalists and fans alike.

It’s not just fans and journalists who watch Apple events. I know regular people who will tune in for what amounts to a two-hour infomercial because they’re so engaging. Even in a field of companies that have copied their style, they remain a completely different kind of product introduction.