That Internet War Apocalypse Is a Lie

Earlier today, you may have read reports from the BBC and the New York Times that the internet was under attack, at scale. The only problem is that it was a complete myth. Sam Biddle of Gizmodo investigated:

Why are the only people willing to make any claims about the validity or scope of the attack directly involved: Spamhaus reps, the group’s leader, and most dubiously, CloudFlare, the anti-DDoS firm Spamhaus enlisted to ward off the attack. And it’s that last party that’s responsible for the sky-falling internet weather report, the party that stands to profit directly from you being worried that the internet as we know it is under siege.

Great reporting from Biddle.

But this should be concerning for the health of the BBC. This is the second story in a week of essentially repackaged public relations. It’s shameful for such a preeminent media organization.