Written by Nick Heer.

That Bitter Pill

Shawn Blanc explains why he’s not buying an iPad Mini (at least, not yet):

In part because I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten used to my Retina devices — and here I mean the “good” kind of not getting used to them. In that the crisp and sharp displays of my iPhone and iPad screens still seem uncanny to me even though I’ve had a Retina iPhone since the summer of 2010.

Just because Gruber, Arment, Ritchie, Hackett, and Siegler are totally cool with the non-retina display, it doesn’t mean you have to be. It doesn’t mean I am. Your mileage may vary. Blanc has a good plan, and it’s the same one I have: wait for the iPad Mini with a retina display and, barring any significant weight or battery issues, buy it then.