Tesla Rolls Out ‘Full Self Driving’ Beta to All U.S. And Canadian Owners Who Specced It techcrunch.com

Rebecca Bellan, TechCrunch:

Despite concerns, any driver who has already paid the steep price for Tesla’s FSD will be able to access the software in North America. Tesla had previously extended FSD access to 160,000 owners in the U.S. and Canada in September, and today’s widespread rollout makes good on previous promises from Musk to get FSD in every Tesla by the end of 2022.

If it is only available in North America, it does not fulfill the promise to have Full Self Driving in every Tesla this year — thankfully. Tesla owners, lured by the perennially broken promise of fully autonomous transportation and who paid up to $15,000 USD for that possibility, can now enable it even though Tesla’s autonomous systems are such a public safety hazard they are likely facing a criminal investigation.