A Cultural Critique of the Tesla Cybertruck roadandtrack.com

Victoria Scott, Road and Track:

So automakers have given us what we demanded, and the stylistic language has changed to match: the overarching trends of this decade thus far is to make our vehicles broader, heavier, boxier, and more militaristic in nature, as rounded lines don’t project power. The Cybertruck — which Musk stated at its launch “will win” in an “argument” with other vehicles — simply follows all of these themes to their logical endpoints.

A bulletproof three-and-a-half ton stainless-steel truck equipped with “Bioweapon Defense Mode” designed to slam through other cars is the perfect vehicle for a society where over a third of people are scared to walk around at night.

Once upon a time, it seemed like projecting antisocial behaviours was a rebellious move, but it feels increasingly as though the countercultural statement is just being nice.