Written by Nick Heer.

Tech Companies Delay Diversity Reports

Georgia Wells, Wall Street Journal (paywalled, of course, but you know how to get around that):

Twitter Inc. and Pinterest Inc. are set to release their updates this month, according to spokeswomen at each company, about 16 months after their previous reports. This year, however, they will both focus on hiring goals, rather than just the racial and gender breakdown of their employees that has become the industry standard.

“It’s not about hitting a number for the sake of doing so,” said Candice Morgan, Pinterest’s head of diversity and inclusion. “The goals are about fundamentally making progress towards doing our most innovative work.”

Salesforce.com Inc. released its report on Monday after having pushed it back by three months to accommodate the hiring of its first equality chief. The report showed women and underrepresented minorities made up the same portion of the company’s workforce as a year ago EBay Inc., which hasn’t reported its diversity breakdown since April 2015, said it would not issue an update until early next year because of the July 2015 spinoff of its PayPal Holdings Inc. unit.

I’ve been trying to track down updated reports for my annual survey and it has not been easy. These reports shouldn’t be delayed to give the companies a chance to make themselves look better; they should be doing better, and if they aren’t, they should own up to that.