A Fix for Malfunctioning Twitter URLs in El Capitan Is in the Works twitter.com

After upgrading to El Capitan, I noticed that any twitter.com address — including shortened t.co links — would regularly fail to load. This issue occurred only for Twitter, only in Safari, and only on my Mac; any other combination of URL, browser, or device would be fine. I thought that I was both alone in this and that I was going nuts, until I saw a tweet from Michael Tsai:

Can’t quit Safari to make those http://t.co links load because Xcode is downloading.

Anyone who’s found a bizarre bug like this will identify with my relief that someone else was experiencing the same problem. Happily, Timothy Hatcher has some good news:

We have a Radar and a fix identified. It is lower level than WebKit.

I’d love to know what this issue is caused by and how it’s going to be fixed. Such a mysterious bug.