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Written by Nick Heer.

The Talk Show at WWDC

You thought last year’s show was a hell of a get for John Gruber? This year, not only did Phil Schiller appear at the live recording of the Talk Show, so did Craig Federighi. And it was a pretty good conversation.

Of course, these are two top Apple executives who are well-versed in the company’s PR policy. But it’s a truly entertaining discussion where both Federighi and Schiller can be a little loose and unscripted. The best moments are, I think, are in the second half where both executives explain how Apple is protecting users’ privacy with the upcoming photo analysis and other features coming to iOS and MacOS.

Serenity Caldwell and Mikah Sargent of iMore did a great job transcribing the show, in case you’d rather read it. It’s a good show to watch, though; everyone’s pretty light and loose — there was an open bar — and it’s just an hour long. Well worth your time.