Written by Nick Heer.

Take a Stance

Generally, I like Ben Brooks’ site. Even on the days that I disagree with it, I appreciate that he has a definite opinion. But that’s probably why this “review” [Brooks doesn’t call it a review, but that’s the format it’s in.] of the Goruck GR1 bag rubs me the wrong way. In his closing remarks, Brooks offers this summary:

First I couldn’t decide between pocket knives, now I can’t decide between these two bags. Both truly are excellent bags, and you can’t go wrong with either. My best advice is to pick the one that fits you better.

Ba wha huh?

But you’re the guy that wrote this about why you dislike The Verge:

You can say all you want about my opinions — whether I am right or wrong — what you can’t say is that I don’t have one.

I can now.


I will take you disagreeing with me all day long over being a bland yes man.

This is a rather long winded way of saying exactly what MG Siegler said above: take a stance.

Take a stance, Ben. Which bag is better?

(For my tastes, both suck. I’m waiting for Roots’ Raiders bag to arrive in the mail.)