Substack Launches Reader, an Inbox for Its Newsletters and an RSS Client


If you read a lot of newsletters, you might find it challenging to keep track of all your subscriptions. We want Substack to be a distraction-free place for writers to connect directly with their readers, so we’ve created a new space, Substack Reader, that’s just for you and your newsletters.

If you’re logged in to Substack, Reader will become your new homepage. Use the “Discover” tab in your sidebar to find new writers to subscribe to. Reader also comes with RSS support, so you can really have all your subscriptions in one place.

This is clever. The problem with RSS is that it has always needed explaining, but everybody gets email. Adding RSS support to an email client makes more sense for a mainstream audience than an RSS client that can receive email. That is probably why system support for RSS historically landed in email applications like Outlook and Mail.

I still prefer the other way around, though. I do not want more email.