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Written by Nick Heer.

Subscriptions Should Be Easier to Manage on iOS

Stephen Hackett:

To review what subscriptions are active on your account, you have to do some exploring in the App Store, starting by tapping on your account photo, then again on your account info, then scrolling down to Subscriptions […]

Once there, you can scroll through all of your active and past subscriptions, seeing renewal details and making any changes you see fit.

This interface is slow and a little buggy at least on the iPhone X, but my biggest complaint is that it is so far buried.

This interface isn’t just buried in a semi-logical part of the system — it’s totally confusing and only available in this one very silly place. When I reviewed VSCO for the Sweet Setup earlier this year, I subscribed to VSCO X for its additional features, but had a hell of a time trying to unsubscribe. I started by looking in Settings because that’s where Apple Pay and all my other payment details are, but there’s nothing there. I had to search Apple’s knowledgebase for the answer and, even then, got a little confused because the user picture that you have to tap is only visible in three of the five App Store tabs.

I get that this is the kind of thing that users don’t need to see all of the time, but the complement to that observation is that when users want to see it, they usually really need to see it.

Update: Michael Rockwell points out that there is, indeed, a way to manage subscriptions via the Settings app. And, yeah, it’s convoluted:

[You] can also access subscriptions through the settings app: Settings > iTunes & App Store > tap on Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions

You’re probably better off using, Ryan Jones’ single-serving domain that redirects to Apple’s subscription management: manageapplesubscriptions.com.