Today’s Startups Are Tomorrow’s Privacy Catastrophes

Zack Whittaker, TechCrunch:

A paucity of legislation and regulation have allowed American tech companies to thrive and grow, enriched by our personal information and data we created, including anything from where we go to what we buy, to the people we communicate with to the content we consume. If the adage that data is the new currency is true, it’s no wonder why tech companies keep getting richer. There are few rules for what companies can do with our information, but plenty of profit-making playbooks to work from. Every day a new tranche of startups have our data in their sights, but as consumers facing today’s technology, what hope do we have when the conditions for our security and privacy are worse?

The longer it takes before meaningful privacy legislation is passed in the United States, the more data on users from around the world is collected and exploited.