Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event Is April 20

Apple’s spring events have been interesting as of late. On the surface, they seem to be a bit of a grab-bag. With WWDC creating the perfect venue for operating system updates and Mac hardware, and the autumn events used to introduce flagship iPhone and Apple Watch hardware, the spring event often feels like an appetizer round to the year’s main courses.

But last year’s springtime products, announced by press release, included the iPhone SE, iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, and a MacBook Air bump; the year before, it was the services event, a couple of iPad models, an iMac bump, and the second-generation AirPods. These product categories are not on the margins of Apple’s business, but they are also not the headliners, so these product launches are not seen by some in the tech press has having the gravitas as others throughout the year.

Anyway, Tuesday, usual time. Expect iPad Pros.