Spotify Is Recommending ‘A.I.’-Generated Music

Zach Ocean:

Encountered AI music in the wild today

Motown-style tracks straight from Suno/Udio with … interesting … titles and lyrics

Recommended by Spotify via Discover Weekly

These “interesting” songs include instant classics like “My Arms Are Just Fuckin’ Stuck Like This” and “It’s Time To Take a Shit on the Company’s Dime”. Classic Happy Bunny-style humour.

Ryan Broderick explains in Garbage Day:

The story behind the page is interesting. Obscurest Vinyl started as a Facebook page that would photoshop fake album covers for classic records that didn’t exist. The page recently shifted into posting AI songs to go with the fake album covers. As one commenter noted, you can tell the songs are AI because most of them feature bass and drum parts that don’t repeat in any discernible pattern. The account also regularly fights with users on Instagram who gripe about it using AI.

Truly embarrassing for Spotify that it is recommending stuff like this, and not for the first time.