Spotify Adds Video and Pace-Matched Running Playlists

Video is kinda big; they’re taking on Netflix, and this is sort of the spiritual successor to the original Joost.

But I’m really interested in these new pace-matched playlists. Jordan Crook, TechCrunch:

The new Spotify also has a brand new “Running” feature that taps into the many sensors of your phone (accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) to figure out the pace at which you’re running and serve you a playlist with the perfect BPMs in each song. Plus, the playlist is still centered around your established tastes.

But going beyond timing out the music so that it matches the beat of your feet against the ground, Spotify is also creating a new format of music, wherein the composition actually changes and rearranges based on your pace.

Apparently, an Apple engineer prototyped this last year. This would be a great Watch feature.