Sponsor: Due — Annoying, Indispensable, Game-Changing dueapp.com

My thanks to Due for sponsoring Pixel Envy this week. Due’s developer asked me to remind you of what makes the app different.

“Annoying” is probably not a word a developer would like his app to be associated with.

I certainly don’t mind.

Thankfully, users have also thought of my app as “indispensable” and a “game changer”.

It has helped people living with ADHD and early dementia. It has saved marriages. And it seems to have even saved lives. I’d love to say I had these noble goals in mind when I made Due in 2010.

The truth is, I created Due for myself.

The first version tackled just one thing — quickly capture what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done.

When I realized it was easy to miss notifications, I added Auto Snooze. It repeatedly notifies me of overdue reminders until I act on them.

Then, I found myself needing to reschedule reminders frequently. So I made it easy to postpone a reminder — even without launching the app.

Someone who had used Due for the past 9 years said the person who created Due knows his stuff.

I guess that’s because there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t use Due myself.

Learn more about what Due can do for you. Perhaps you’d find Due as useful as my customers1 and I do.

  1. Links to App Store reviews used in post. ↥︎