Sponsor: Power Up Your Screenshots With ScreenFloat 2 eternalstorms.at

Power up your screenshots and recordings with ScreenFloat. Here’s how.

Capture screenshots, record your screen, or take timed screenshots. Re-capture shots without painstakingly reframing them. Import from your clipboard, other apps, or your iOS devices.

ScreenFloat 2 icon

Float your captures to keep information or reference material always visible, no matter what you do. It’s picture-in-picture, only for your screenshots.

Texts, faces and barcodes are detected in every shot you take and can effortlessly be copied and non-destructively redacted with a simple right-click.

Mark up and annotate your screenshots non-destructively with arrows, checkmarks, highlights, smart bullet points, redactions and more. Crop, “fold”, resize, rotate, “de-retinize”, trim, and mute captures.

Pick colours from any floating shot.

Sharing floating shots is just a file drag away, with on-the-fly changing of file format and sizing options, whether or not annotations should be included, etc.

Set up double-click workflows for repetitive tasks, for example: de-retinize the shot, resize it to 75% and then attach it to a new email.

Synchronize over iCloud, and keep and organize your shots in the Shots Browser.

A screenshot is just a screenshot. Until you use ScreenFloat. Download the free, 28-day trial today!