Sponsor: Magic Lasso Adblock — the Safari Ad Blocker Built for You magiclasso.co

Do you want an to try an ad blocker that’s easy to setup, easy to keep up to date and with pro features available when you need them?

Then download Magic Lasso Adblock — the ad blocker designed for you.

Screenshot of Magic Lasso Adblock

Magic Lasso Adblock is an efficient and high performance ad blocker for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It simply and easily blocks all intrusive ads, trackers, and annoyances in Safari. Just enable to browse in bliss.

With Magic Lasso’s pro features, you can:

  • Block over ten types of YouTube ads, including pre-roll video ads

  • Craft your own Custom Rules to block media, cookies, and JavaScript

  • Use Tap to Block to effortlessly block any element on a page with a simple tap

  • See the difference ad blocking makes by visualising ad blocking speed, energy efficiency, and data savings for any site

And unlike some other ad blockers, Magic Lasso Adblock respects your privacy, doesn’t accept payment from advertisers, and is 100% supported by its community of users.

So, join over 300,000 users and download Magic Lasso Adblock via the Magic Lasso website today.

My thanks to Magic Lasso Adblock for sponsoring Pixel Envy this week.