Sponsor: ListenLater.net — Turn Articles Into Podcasts listenlater.net

Thanks to Listen Later for sponsoring this week’s posts at Pixel Envy.

Some sponsors provide their own Friday posts, but I was asked to write a little something of my own for Listen Later and I am happy to do so. I only accept sponsorships for products I actually like and would use. Listen Later is just such a service.


I use Listen Later to read long articles to me while I work, when I cook, and as I clean up after dinner. I have also used it to translate news stories. Maybe my favourite use is as a drafting tool for when I am writing a longer article and need to hear it read back to me. The text-to-speech quality is excellent, and having it show up in my podcast app alongside episodes from the shows I listen to makes it easy to keep track of new articles.

You know that article you swear you were going to read but still have not got around to? Yeah, the one in that ancient browser tab. Try hearing it with Listen Later’s free trial instead.