Sponsor: The Stories Behind Apple’s Famed Advanced Technology Group by John Buck books.by

Professional editor John Buck spoke to former members of Apple’s Advanced Technology Group to gain an insight into the inner workings of this secretive team. The result is a compelling 400-page book called “Inventing the Future, Bit by Bit”.

“You got everything exactly right which is rare since few writers have the technical chops or interest in putting in the effort for that.”

— Steve Edelman, Founder, SuperMac

The book is filled with extraordinary detail and first-hand recollections, some shared for the very first time. It covers A/UX, HyperCard, LisaDraw, QuickScan, QuickTime, TrueType, and QuickDraw 24/32 as well as Projects Oreo, Warhol, Bass, Carnac, Spider, YACCintosh, Touchstone, Road Pizza, PDM, Milwaukee, 8*24GC, and Möbius. There’s also insight into the early development of Sarah, Jonathan, Lisa, and Macintosh computers.

ATG scientist Jean-Charles Mourey:

“We had a purpose and felt that we could change the world and have a positive impact on millions of people around the world. My friends thought I was in a cult.”

And the book is getting positive reviews from those who were there.

  • “You have a great skill in ‘telling the story’ with multiple players and simultaneous events.”

    — George Cossey, former Senior Programmer, Apple.

  • “So many stories I’ll never forget and stories I never knew!”

    — Mike Potel former Head of Software Engineering, Apple.

  • “This is a ton of work. It’s great to have all the stories told!”

    — Steve Perlman former Principal Scientist, Apple.

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