Sponsor: The Stories Behind Apple’s Famed Advanced Technology Group by John Buck books.by

This book has no rumours in it, all the action takes place outside 9–5 and Jony Ive isn’t mentioned. However, it is assembled bit by bit so this is the perfect home for an exclusive look at Apple and its secrets.

Inventing the Future book cover

Inventing the Future is based on never-before-conducted interviews with engineers and scientists at Apple who ushered in the multimedia revolutions. As you watch a YouTube video on your phone today, these are the people you need to thank.

— Hansen Hsu, Computer History Museum

Professional editor John Buck ‘lost three years’ after an ex-Apple engineer told him, ‘There’s a book full of stories about Apple’s Advanced Technology Group that has never been told’. Buck spoke to dozens of former ATG members, pored over hundreds of documents, patents, and emails to gain an insight into the inner workings of this elusive group. The result is a compelling book filled with extraordinary detail and first-hand recollections of invention.

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