Would You Like to Buy an Ad? pxlnv.com

Earlier this year, the fine people at Rogue Amoeba asked if it would be possible to pay for some sponsored posts on Pixel Envy. How does one say no to Rogue Amoeba? Anyway, you probably saw the results of that ask for the company’s twentieth anniversary.

I want to publicly thank Rogue Amoeba for taking the plunge and working on the specifics with me.

If you want to sponsor the site, I have drafted my standards for how paid posts will be presented. I have zero expectations of how this will go.

And, to my readers: I endeavour to not meaningfully change the tone or purpose of this site. I have no intention of turning this into a mechanism for promoting other stuff, and I am cognizant of the risks of so-called “native” advertising. If things start to get weird, I have no problem with stopping this. Thank you for reading.