Spokesdouche samsung.com

Let’s talk about Robin Thicke. Actually, I’m sure you want to talk about wearable tech devices; conveniently, we can talk about both at the same time because Samsung made Thicke their spokesdouche for the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear combo. First order of business: does Thicke actually use a Galaxy Note? Uh, nope.

With that out of the way, let’s forget about the horrible scrolling on the promo site and chat about this one ad. Three women in a convertible are stopped at a light and singing along to “Blurred Lines”, when Thicke pulls up beside them. They take a couple of photos, then he asks for their phone and writes down a number for a “music video casting call”. Given that “Blurred Lines” is a song about how confused Thicke is by the concept of consent and that the video features full nudity (NSFW, obviously), do you get the feeling that this, as an ad concept, is somewhat tone deaf?

(Thanks, Jonas Wisser.)