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Written by Nick Heer.

Someone’s Desperate for a Macalope Mention

Chris Taylor for the otherwise-respectable Reuters:

Just ask Sam Martorana. A human-resources specialist for the airline WestJet, Martorana’s Vancouver household consists of three people and no less than nine Apple products. Between himself, husband Ron, and stepson Evan, they own three MacBooks, two iPhones, two iPads, and two iPods. […]

As for Martorana, his family’s indentured servitude to Apple looks like it will continue indefinitely. He is looking to replace his MacBook with a newer model within a year or so, which he guesses will cost at least another $1,300. While he loves the products unreservedly, he sees no way out of the annual Apple tax.

“Indentured servitude”? “Annual Apple tax”? “Indefinite”?

This may carry the disclaimer that it’s an opinion piece, but that doesn’t excuse it for being utter crap, nor does it excuse Reuters for running it.

While you’re waiting for the inevitable Macalope mockery of this, Brian Chaffin over at Mac Observer has a good take on it:

“Remember,” he wrote, “this is not something that consumers are being forced to pay. They are dipping willingly into their own pockets, because they’re essentially slaves to the devices.”

Yeah, we’re essentially slaves. You know, a slave, “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.” I’m using OS X’s built-in dictionary for these definitions because I’m a slave, and I was forced by my masters at Apple to do so.

Taylor describes himself as an “award-winning financial journalist”. What a joke.