Clear Responds to the Pricing Backlash

Dan Counsell, of Realmac Software:

As a small team, the backlash to the disappearance of Clear for iPhone has been incredibly tough. We’ve been working incredibly hard on Clear for iPad, and simply wanted to offer it in a way that was both sustainable for the team that builds it, and desired by users.

Pretty disappointing that they felt the need to do this. Charging a fair price for quality software shouldn’t be seen as an affront to users, or as gouging them.

There are always going to be users who complain about price, and there’s nothing developers can — or should — do to mitigate that. Developers should charge what they think their software is worth, and people who don’t want to pay that much should suck it up. The Omni Group charges $20 for OmniFocus, and users love it. I don’t see a reason why Real Mac shouldn’t charge $3 for Clear.