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Written by Nick Heer.

The Software and Services Apple Needs to Fix

Glenn Fleishman, writing on his Glog:1

Part of what makes these sorts of statements reasonable, though, is to enumerate the problems, whether they’re long-running or unique to Yosemite or iOS 8 or to the last two releases of each system. Here’s a list of regularly recurring issues or fundamental problems I’ve seen supplemented by those provided by others.

Any time I find an article with “Apple Needs” in the title, I immediately begin to doubt it. There’s something inherently obnoxious about anyone telling one of the world’s largest companies what it “needs” to fix, largely because such articles are often proved not just a little wrong, but 180° wrong.

But I agree with so much in this list. The fact that many of the software issues can be enumerated in a single post gives the impression that there really aren’t that many, but closer inspection reveals that so many of these problems are rudimentary. Frequent and serious WiFi connectivity issues, for example, are completely unacceptable in an era when Apple has removed an ethernet connection from most of its notebooks.

  1. I chuckle to myself every time I remember that a guy named Glenn has a blog named Glog. Glog is just a funny word, like “spatula” or “piazza”. ↩︎