Jason Snell’s 2019 Predictions in Review macworld.com

Jason Snell, Macworld:

With the arrival of Mac Catalyst this summer, as promised by Apple last year, the Mac has started to benefit from apps developers originally on iOS. But I predicted that it would be a major onslaught that would dramatically change the Mac forever, and this was my biggest miss. Some combination of a rough summer of developer betas and limitations of the technology itself mean that there aren’t nearly as many Catalyst apps as I thought, and a bunch of my favorite iOS apps still aren’t anywhere close to shipping Mac versions. Catalyst may still change the Mac forever, but it’s going to take a lot more than one year to make it happen.

For users and for the Mac ecosystem, I hope that Catalyst gets better. But there’s a little voice in my head that thinks it would be better if SwiftUI makes the difference and Catalyst is, in the future, a sad and largely-forgotten experiment. There’s a long way to go between today’s iPad apps running on the Mac, and the promised cross-platform apps that feel right on each device.