U.S. House of Representatives Set to Vote on Privacy-Killing Resolution Tomorrow eff.org

Kate Tummarello of the EFF:

The Senate voted last week 50-48 on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to repeal the FCC’s privacy rules. Now the resolution heads over the House, where it’s scheduled to get a vote on Tuesday.

If the House passes it, you’ll be even more at the mercy of your ISP. Because Congress is using a CRA resolution, the FCC will be prohibited from writing similar rules in the future. And thanks to the current legal landscape, no other federal agency has the authority to protect you against privacy invasions by your ISP.

The argument by the current FCC administration is that these rules create an unfair playing field because companies like Google can track your browsing history to sell ads against it without your explicit permission, but your ISP cannot. And I agree — that is unfair. Online advertisers should also be subject to opt-in regulations.

American readers: please call your representative to tell them why voting against the FCC’s regulations is a terrible idea.