Comparison of Website Speed by Core Technologies

Johannes Beus of Sistrix:

This evaluation deals with a wide variety of web technologies: from backend technologies for creating websites to JavaScript and CSS libraries for design and interaction to Google AMP.


It is noticeable that AMP is not one of the fastest technologies. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a derivative of HTML mainly pushed by Google. Numerous restrictions should mean that AMP pages load significantly faster on the mobile phone than classic HTML pages.

The results are not convincing: less than 70% of the AMP domains meet the Google requirements. Google has apparently already recognised this and will in future also bequeath the AMP privileges in the Top Stories box to sites that have fast Core Web Vitals.

I missed the announcement in May that, as of 2021, Google will no longer require news sites to use its proprietary AMP technology if they want to be at the top of its search engine. Virtually all major publications have spent the past few years re-engineering their websites to support AMP so that Google will rank them, and now Google is dropping that requirement. Fantastic.

AMP is garbage and I hope it gets added to the scrapyard of Google’s bad ideas sooner rather than later.