Silicon Valley’s Responses to Trump’s Immigration Executive Orders

Casey Newton, the Verge:

Silicon Valley CEOs entered the debate over President Donald Trump’s immigration policy this weekend, offering criticisms of the seven-country immigration ban and in some cases outlining plans to support the employees it affects. The responses range in tone from mild rebuke to stern denunciation, reflecting both the varying personal opinions of the CEOs and their individual willingness to risk retribution from the federal government.

This is a crisis. I’ve been watching this story unfold since Friday afternoon and I can’t think of anything of greater importance than overturning sweeping and illegal executive orders that run against everything Americans have been told to stand for, and to be the model for the world. The responses from Silicon Valley CEOs have generally been weak arguments that preserve their business interests, rather than standing up against clear moral and ethical indignation.

So, who has been standing up? Amongst others, the tens of thousands of Americans who spent their weekend protesting these executive orders, lawyers supporting those detained at the border, and the ACLU, which filed and won a lawsuit in New York to overturn the deportation requirements of Trump’s orders. If you are able, you can make a monthly contribution to the ACLU to keep taking legal action.