Most Links to Shortcuts Are Currently Broken

John Voorhees, MacStories:

iCloud links to shortcuts broke sometime in the past 24 hours. Instead of opening the Shortcuts app and allowing users to install a shared shortcut, tapping a shortcut link displays an alert with the message ‘Shortcut Not Found,’ explaining that the link may be invalid or the shortcut may have been deleted. Based on our internal testing, the issue appears to affect all shortcut links created before yesterday.

This has been all over my Twitter timeline for hours, but Apple’s iCloud status webpage is still all green — everything is apparently just fine with Shortcuts. The best case scenario is that this is a remote problem that Apple can correct; the worst case is that entire libraries of shared shortcuts are now invalidated and must be re-created. Let us all hope that is not the case.

Update: About a day after people started noticing this problem, Apple has issued a statement to Federico Viticci:

We are aware of an issue where previously shared shortcuts are currently unavailable. Newly shared shortcuts are available, and we are working to restore previously shared shortcuts as quickly as possible.

The iCloud system status page remains all green.