Shame on Y Combinator

Marco Arment:

[Peter Thiel], a non-employee (a ‘part-time partner’), is directly supporting Donald Trump at a massive scale — over a million dollars! — after we’ve learned even more of Trump’s horrendous statements, positions, and past actions than we could’ve ever imagined.

This isn’t voting for an economic or social policy — this is literally paying a huge amount of money to directly support a racist, sexist bigot with rapidly mounting allegations of multiple sexual assaults.

Much like Brendan Eich’s contributions to the “yes” vote on Proposition 8, this isn’t merely a difference of opinion. I will always stand up for the ability for others to have political opinions that differ from my own, but I have no tolerance for those who purchase the power to discriminate.

Update: Erica Joy:

Power doesn’t surrender power w/out a struggle. In this struggle to end or uphold straight/white/male/cis supremacy, actions do the talking. Peter Thiel’s actions have demonstrated where he falls in this struggle. YC’s actions should demonstrate the same.

Ellen Pao:

We have hope for YC; YC has openly acknowledged bias and harassment problems in tech, and it has made progress in diversity and inclusion in its own organization over the last few years. We saw an opportunity to work with YC companies interested in building vibrant and diverse organizations, and we actively invited YC as a contributor to our VC Include program to gain access to its nearly 1,000 companies and CEOs, who are greatly admired and emulated.

But Thiel’s actions are in direct conflict with our values at Project Include. Because of his continued connection to YC, we are compelled to break off our relationship with YC. We hope this situation changes, and that we are both willing to move forward together in the future. Today it is clear to us that our values are not aligned.